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About us
Baebu is a place where people are encouraged to live a more creative, festive and socially rewarding life.

Member tenets
We work with selected members who are empowered, challenged and motivated to work together.

Our belief
We believe in one's talent and potential. We help our members by sharing our knowledge and own experience and support them emotionally.

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"i think we all need help with effective to-do list setting. we need this. my saving the world and helping them regain health is tied to baebu's focusing / get sh*t done skills. we are all in this together 🔥"

“ baebu helped me realize that i haven’t sit down and take some time to think for a really long time ”

" in our one-on-one workshop, my coach asks questions to help me lay out my ideas/thoughts then puts them in an infographic and task list, from a brainstorming session we came up with actionable bite-size takes that makes it less overwhelming for me."

give n' get feedback

Collaborative skill swap
Concept validation
Expert assessment

peer support

Objective observation
Self-review & analysis
Positive reinforcement