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for you to live a wholesome life

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personalized workshop

Take mindful actions towards design and build the most compelling career lifestyle

make my talent shine

small group roundtable

Join our community that supports and challenges you to work smarter, grow faster.

make me feel empowered

proof how people benefit from baebu

Since 2015 we've been on a mission and helped +80 people find and work they love.


Be fulfilled in your professional life when you follow the value you believe in your work.


Develop your potential through surrounded by people who makes positive impacts on you.


We make sure your personal values, ambition, and talent align with your product or service.


Boost your productivity with people who are as dedicated to their goals and work.


Work you actually love. Learn brand strategy from understanding to implementation.


We use the methodology that has high successful rates to work efficiently.

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GIS Technician at Apple

A lot of people have taken notice in both my resume and email signature these days, because of how well done they now are. They both look extremely professional as well! So I definitely recommend their service!!


Art Director, founder of thisissabio

Baebu was exactly what I needed, accountability! I really think the greatest value is having Baebu as a supporter/mentor/guide"

Kwi young

GIS Technician at Apple

I like the way my coach tried to create similar interview settings as much as possible. She gave me quality feedback and specific examples.

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product & 
brand strategy

1:1 on-demand progress training via online

time management
habit building
noble focus

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Need motivation and challenges to improve personally and professionally.
Want to define career path or try something new to influence career.
Wants to work on an exciting idea or prototype to build and test.
Want to be part of a supportive community with similar interest.
Need branding, marketing, and design knowledge to increase revenue.
If any of these sounds good, apply and book a 20-min call consultation. Go to

You can ask for advice to your coach during our office hours. In order to give you our full attention and to be efficient, we recommend you to schedule a session.

To have a concentrated session and to keep things as productive, bring all of your questions, working materials, things that you think it’s working and not working, etc.

Depending on the type of session, you will be paired with recommended members.

All of the sessions are held online via Google Hangouts. Although we occasionally meet in person in Manhattan, NY.

We use Slack and Google Hangout. You can ask and give any entrepreneurship resources, do online meetings, and activities in different channels.

Due to the limited spots, not everyone gets a membership. However, you will get our response in 3-5 business days after submitting your application.

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