02 Ideal Routine

Estimated Duration:
1-2 Month(s)

Estimated Duration:
1-2 Month(s)

02 Ideal Routine

You will learn to articulate the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you to do what you do.

what you will get

• Goal setting
• Sketching and planning
• Time management tips
• Supervision check-ups


• Interests
• Value
• Purpose
• Goal
• Tracking


Enjoy what you do. Set up how long you will enjoy doing tasks instead of doing activities unconsciously.

Achieve your goals. Priotize what is more important for you in order to help you achieve goals faster.

Pay attention to yourself. Learn about yourself through finding what is good and valuable to you.

Discover your interests. Take time to discover what you like to do when you are focusing on yourself.

Be productive. You will work faster when you remove any unnecessary focuses.

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