03 Design Your Career

Estimated Duration:
2-3 Months

Estimated Duration:
2-3 Months

03 design your career

Balance your life through observing your speciality and will power that was born to shine.

what you will get

• Personal brand profile
• Sketching and planning
• Vision milestones
• Supervision check-ups


• Skillset
• Value
• Community
• Purpose
• Project


Respect yourself. Follow your instinct and feel  empowered by doing something that you believe in.

Break off superficial behavior, tasks, and relationships. Don’t get affected by things that are vice.

Minimalize stress from disturbances. Feel more relief because you choose not to listen to things that are not essential to you.

Spend more time with meaningful activities that matter. Show your brilliance to care others.

Appreciate your living, resource, supporters, and time. Make steps to improve your life to be a better person.

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