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what we offer

Access to
like-minded people

Resources to define your purpose

Productivity-focused accountability

Tools to build a project that pays you

At Baebu we believe there’s a better way to hustle.
We call it: Wholesome Hustle ™

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product & 
brand strategy

1:1 on-demand progress training via online

time management
habit building
noble focus

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More meaningful social connections.

We believe in approaching things with care and patience—with yourself, your community and what you’re building.

Take charge and influence your career.

We believe in finding the truth behind who we are and what we want, through authentic storytelling.

PErsonal growth and learning opportunities.

We believe in pursuing opportunities to influence where and how we work, not just a higher paycheck.

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the passion

Tools to build your brand and tell your life's story—like a boss.


the new start

Strategies to live a more productive personal and professional life.


the fellowship

A community of like-minded people, working together in a judgement-free space.


" The organizer is a very good listener. In our 1:1 workshop, we came up with actionable bite-size takes that makes it less overwhelming for me."‍

Helen Su | Founder at Escape Hub

" I had a very productive and informative session. I want to thank Baebu for providing me with guidance, invaluable insights and encouragement! "

Jacques Torino | Founder at Ntuma Direct

"Baebu gave me quality feedback and specific examples that would help me improve my weaknesses! I honestly think telling me what not to do during the interview part saved me. Also, it encouraged me to focus on strength rather than weaknesses."  

Kwiyong Yeo | GIS Technician at Apple

resources to make your potential shine

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