GIS Technician at Apple

" Baebu's coach is an amazing designer with the kindest heart!  She has helped me develop my brand so well that it shows through my resumes in such a professional way. A lot of people have taken notice in both my resume and email signature these days, because of how well done they now are. They both look extremely professional as well! So I definitely recommend her service!!"

Launched a professional portfolio! 06.2019

Participated in: Find Your Why, Portfolio Building, Freelancing


Art Director, founder of thisissabio

"There was a moment when I realized I worked much better when I was being kept accountable for my projects... Baebu was exactly what I needed, accountability! The coach was engaging and motivating from day one. I’ve been part of a few activities; daily and weekly accountability, scrum meetings, and one-on-one branding workshops. Baebu listens to everyone’s feedback, knows what things work and what don’t and our community keeps getting better and better. I really think the greatest value is having Baebu as a supporter/mentor/guide"

Filters Effect Dog thisissabio is launched within +10,000 followers! 02.2019

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Software Developer

" I had a very productive and informative session. I want to thank Baebu for providing me with guidance, invaluable insights and encouragement! "

Got a Second promotion at Veterans Health Administration! (He's side project 'Ntuma Direct' is coming!)06. 2019

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Local Business Owner

" I have been getting new customers consistently after getting branding and marketing help from the coach from Baebu. Thank you so much!"

Received Top #3 business on Yelp in her town! 11. 2018

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Founder of Escape Hub

"Baebu's coach is a very good listener. In our one-on-one workshop, she asks questions to help me lay out my ideas/thoughts then puts them in an infographic and task list, from a brainstorming session we came up with actionable bite-size takes that makes it less overwhelming for me."

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Kwi young

GIS Technician at Apple

"I like the way my coach tried to create similar interview settings as much as possible. She gave me quality feedback and specific examples that would help me improve my weaknesses! I honestly think telling me what not to do during the interview part saved me. Also, it encouraged me to focus on strength rather than weaknesses."

Received an offer at Apple. Congrats! 11. 2018

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Application Developer

"I am constantly on the lookout and trying to find new opportunities, and I saw the relationship with Baebu as an opportunity to develop. I have joined Co-working and Networking activities, and met several like-minded people. I also got a lot of work done in the Scrum meetings."

Going to the San Francisco for the onsite interview with Google! 09. 2018

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Founder of Dynasty George

"After meeting with the coach in person and discussing our passions and personal goals, we immediately believed in each other’s businesses and I know she could be of great value to me... I was able to meet other entrepreneurs and creatives. It was a great way to hear feedback from multiple perspectives, as well as, meet other people who may add value to your company. I also enjoy the individual meetings because it’s more focused on my business and I am able to organize my thoughts more thoroughly."

Preparing to extend her business Dynasty George into Mexico. Congrats! 08. 2018

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Founder of Internalwheel

"I think we all need help with effective goal-setting. We need this. My saving the world and helping them regain health is tied to Baebu's focusing / get sh*t done skills. We are all in this together 🔥"

Published a self-help book 'How to Work Through'! 12. 2018

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Application Developer

"I became more motivated into doing my project and getting results after talking with the organizer and hearing coach's advice. I'll be sure to come to the next meeting to show a better version of my project where users can make reservations!"

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Fitness Consultant

"There's many reasons to talk to Baebu. The coach is very interested in me and what I am doing which makes me feel special. She is about progress and getting things done which is what I'm all about as well. "

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