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Our generation is redefining success, work-life balance and the meaning of happiness.  We pursue opportunities to influence where we work, not just a higher paycheck. We prioritize growth and learning new things over climbing corporate ladders. We seek a healthier balance between work and life, one that favors deeper, more personal connections.
Yet, success comes at a price. Ideas  “fake it until you make it” are sold as the quickest way to have an impact, and maybe, a billion-dollar valuation.
At Baebu we believe there’s a better way to hustle. We call it:Wholesome Hustle ™
We believe in approaching things with care and patience—with yourself, and what you’re building.
We believe in living authentically and with purpose.


Baebu means "sharing" in Korean. It was inspired by the cheatsheets that teachers give students to prepare and get ready as a professional.


A healthy lifestyle was far away from me. For some people, my life may look fine. My parent's business went really well, I had excellent grades, worked with big corporates right after graduation, and got promoted as a product manager shortly. However, often the company was not interested in learning about their users. Also, I had a lack of connection and emotional support in new city. I felt powerless and miserable as the day past.

To get away from my toxic circumstance, I went back to Maryland to talk to my professors. What they did was simple, but I got my confidence back. They believed in my talent and potential. Not only that, they supported me emotionally and helped me as life mentors by sharing their own experiences. I was able to stand up for what I value again. Soon after, I found a company who sponsored me! Then I thought that I wanted to do the same thing that my professor had done to me. From that time, my journey to Baebu has started.

EJ holds bachelor’s degree from Maryland Institute College of Art in Graphic Design and she is currently enrolled at Blanton-Peale Institute in Care & Counseling. She is driven by her curiosity and interest to help others. She takes everything as an experiment and is a persistent self-starter. Her mission is to understand brand and audience by finding solutions to problems and creating products that are functional and relatable to people.

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