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why baebu

Baebu means "sharing" in Korean. It was inspired by the cheatsheets that teachers give students to prepare and get ready as a professional.

We believe everyone is unique and special on their own, and has a talent to shine in world. However, our world doesn't teach us that, and people follow the same, safe, normal path—not knowing if it is truly what they want.

At Baebu, we make people to listen to what their heart wants, and listen to their values and beliefs. We ensure they are able to balance their career and personal life. Therefore, our members learn how to make difficult decisions fully on their own.

Our overarching idea is to awake people to the idea of Wholesome Hustling. With this in mind, we help people to cultivate their potential. When the leaders in an organization form a reliable atmosphere approach, the rest of the members follows. We have been trained and practiced to be authentic, understand our members empathetically and show positive respect.

We love listening with attention, motivate and inspire them to engage, take an emotionally intelligent approach to help them to experience the both positive and negative progress, and understand the core problem to find the next actionable plan.

founder's story

A healthy lifestyle was far away from me. For some people, my life may look fine. My parent's business went really well, I had excellent grades, worked with big brands right, and got promoted as a product and brand manager shortly. However, often the company was not interested in learning about their users. Also, I had a lack of connection and emotional support in a new city. I felt powerless and miserable as the days passed.

To get away from my toxic situation, I went back to Maryland to talk to my professors. What they did was simple, but I got my confidence back. They believed in my talent and potential. Not only that, they supported me emotionally and helped me as life mentors by sharing their own experiences. I was able to stand up for what I value again. Soon after, I realized that what I really wanted to do, was the same thing that my professors had done for me.

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