Conscious Living

Weekly, 45min, online, 4-6 members

To interpret our inner self and become the person we want, we plan intentional, responsible and creative self-growth actions. We share insights and associations with our own activity that we create.

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Organized by :
EunJi Byun, BoKyung Kim.
This activity is :
Creative, Value-driven, Expressive.

What people come for

  • Mindfulness
  • Self-discovery
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Potential Movement
  • Ego Transcendence


Introduction to Conscious Living

We'll talk about the mission, goal, and direction about the activity. It's also a good time to tell us about your personal vision, values, and goals.

Creative Activity (Type B)

Share your insights; the activity can be broad but it should align with your value, interest, or mission.

Writting (Type A)

Share your insights; these can be from your journal, self-reflection, progress record, thankful lists, quotes, and insights.

Weekly Fellowship

Share your thoughts according to the given question. Topic questions vary between mindfulness and self-discovery.