Co-Working Jam

Weekly, 90min, Online, 3-5 members

Bring your todo lists and get togetehr to work on them in our cooperative gym like setting. We've got a timer and fellow working members who wants to get things done.

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Organized by :
EunJi Byun, Janet Chen
This activity isĀ :
Practical, Concentrated, Diligent

What people come for

  • Noble focus
  • Pomodoro session
  • Working environment
  • Accomplishment
  • Motivation


Scrum/Agile Meeting

Scrum is known for an effective & safe methodology that proves high rates of success. Companies like Google, Apple, IBM uses a daily basis.

Cooperative Fellowship

The best part of this co-working gym is the working buddies you get. You will be working together with people who came to get things done.

Distraction-free Working

Challnege is to contain the highest focus and to crash your todo lists you brought for 45 min.

Timer Starts!

We uses a visual timer that was featured in Sprintā€“ a framework as develpoped by Google. This will Improve time management for work cycles.