Give n' Get Feedback

Bi-weekly, 45min, Online, 3-5 members

Bring your product or project and tell us what challenge you’re facing. Get feedback from people in different disciplines to gain a different perspective from our Baebu members.

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Organized by :
EunJi Byun, Artemio Morales
This activity is :
Resourceful, Analytical, Insightful.

What people come for

  • Brainstorming
  • User Flow Testing
  • Storytelling
  • Strategic Planning
  • General Feedback


User Testing (Choosing Type A)

Identify your riskiest assumption and test it. Once you've validated the riskiest assumption you can move on to the next largest one.

Networking Roundtable (Optional)

Meet the members indiviudally. This is an opportunities to gather detailed feedback and insights from each other.

Exchange Perspectives (Choosing Type C)

Everyone who joins exchanges their perspectives and thoughts on the product that is presented.

Show and Tell (Choosing Type B)

Make your story simple and attractive. More you share, more the emotional connection you'll build with your audience.