Get Things Done

Bi-weekly, 1hr, Online, 3-5 members

Progress check where everyone gets to talk about what you did, what you’ll do, and obstacles that you had. Visualize, categorize, check if the goals and tasks are strategic. Get together to work on your project/business in a cooperative setting. We've got a timer and fellow working members who wants to get things done.

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Organized by :
EunJi Byun, Janet Chen
This activity is :
Cooperative, Executive, Practical

What people come for

  • Goal Setting
  • Productivity
  • Accountability
  • Pomodoro
  • Habit Building


Monthly & Weekly Tracking

Every week we will share how you've spent your time. Bring your expectations and we'll define your goals Specific, Measurable Achievable, Relevant, and Timely sensitive.

Cooperative Fellowship

The best part of this co-working gym is the working buddies you get. You will be working together with people who came to get things done.

Strategy to Obstacles

When you are facing obstacles, we'll define what those obstacles are so you can bring your own strategy to it.

Scrum/Agile Meeting

We uses a visual timer that was featured in Sprint– a framework as develpoped by Google. This will Improve time management for work cycles.