Active Reading (or Viewing)

Bi-weekly, 45min, online, 4-6 members

The readings for the session require a more active process than the passive way we read a novel or article. With active reading, you reflect, you criticize, you ask questions. We are going to focus on understanding oneā€™s opinion, exchange knowledge to express logically, and to apply our lives.

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Organized by :
EunJi Byun and Kwi Young
This activity isĀ :
Explorating, Expressive, Enlighthing.

What people come for

  • Career &Ā Personal Growth
  • Broaden the Worldview
  • Exchange Thoughts
  • Accumulate knowledge
  • Intelligent Challenge


Self Introduction

People who like books gather to share their introductions, interests, and genres they would like to read through the session.

Sharing & Discussion

Share interesting parts as you read the book. Ask questions on things that you haven't quite grasped. We will broaden our worldview through exchanging our perspectives.

Active Reading

Active reading involves actively engaging with the material. Highlight, take notes, write questions, examples, insights, etc. It helps you understand and remember than just reading through it.

Choosing the Book to Read (or Flim)

You are free to choose the kinds of books, articles and films you would like to read or view. Tell us about the meterials that you are wishing to spend time onā€“ it's topic, purpose, audience, etc.