Once / Every other week
1-2 hrs / Session

each week’s topic

#1 Self introduction + Ice break
#2 My wish list and expectation
#3 Life graph reflection
#4 Accountability check-ins
#5 Essential 20% of things in life
#6 Potential profile
#7 Smart goals & plans
#8 Opportunity search
#9 Final reviews
#10 Achievement & Takeaways

*May change subject
based on your suggestion.



Productivity check-ins with your team and mentors


Activities for deeper and encouraged conversation


Private online community to try out more activities

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• 2 Sessions
• Private online activities




• 4 Sessions every month
• Private online activities




• 4 Sessions every month
• Private online activities
• Personal 2 check-ups every month


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product & 
brand strategy

1:1 on-demand progress training via online

time management
habit building
noble focus

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You can ask for advice to your coach during our office hours. In order to give you our full attention and to be efficient, we recommend you to schedule a session.

To have a concentrated session and to keep things as productive, bring all of your questions, working materials, things that you think it’s working and not working, etc.

Depending on the type of session, you will be paired with recommended members.

All of the sessions are held online via Google Hangouts. Although we occasionally meet in person in Manhattan, NY.

We use Slack and Google Hangout. You can ask and give any entrepreneurship resources, do online meetings, and activities in different channels.

Due to the limited spots, not everyone gets a membership. However, you will get our response in 3-5 business days after submitting your application.

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