Baebu is looking for aspiring mentors!

Consider becoming a mentor if you...
• Have inspiring stories and mission
• Have a strong passion to make a positive social impact
• Are seeking to build leadership skills
• Are willing to give more than take
• Are willing to learn and grow with your mentees.

Read this Mentorship Handbook for detailed information.

Baebu Mentors

EunJi Byun

Founder of Baebu, Brand Strategist, Life Coach

business consulting
Behavioral therapy

" When I feel loved and cared, I can act wholeheartly. Then, I always gets another opportunity to face and work consciously. Living in a deeper relationship with myself and others fullfills my life. "

Shantie Villada

Associate Director, Experience Strategy at MRM//McCann

Digital Strategy
Digital Media

" As a mentor, I’m a firm believer that the greatest gift you can give someone is the power to be successful. Giving people the opportunity to struggle rather than giving them the things they are struggling for will make them stronger. "

Jordan Bock

Founder of Bock Nutritionals, Founder of the Hugo Project

passion driven
social impact
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