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A FREE 21DAYS Routine Check-in Package

At Baebu, members are empowered to 

• Build life-changing habits

• Monetize side hustle

• Change career

• Develop products

• Define brand purpose

🙌🏽 This FREE Routine Check-in Package includes 

• Daily check-in trackers
• Weekly video check-ins with your group

Also, during our 1:1 consultation, we’ll set:

• Habit routine

• Monthly goals

• Weekly goals

• Strategic Planning

• Task todo list

• Self-Reflections

Wait, not sure what activity you should pick?

No worries, we’ll chat, brainstorm, and plan together. 


The official challenge day will start on Jan 2nd, 2020!

Meanwhile, we'll have a quick consultation to set your goals and have times to greet your groups.  

👉Code: 12.16.19CHRISTMAS

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