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Instagram tips that brings real engagement

Improve your photography-- understand basic photography elements like color, composition, contrast, etc.

Be consistent with your style-- stay with your theme color and tone. Plan and design your feed before you post.

Socialize with your audiences-- don't comment things that have no meaning. leave or reply back thoughtful comments to your audiences.

Interact with the right people-- spend time socializing with those who are interested in what you do.

Optimise your bio and profile picture-- these are the first thing that shows to new people who visit your page.

Choose the right hashtags-- pick those has tags that have similar likes that you get on the top picked photo.

Tag the location-- surprisingly, this helps you to bring more audience than not tagging.

Include a call to action-- ask questions or make your audience to do something after reading your caption.

Collaborate with others -- if you know someone who does a similar thing that you do and has similar followers, give and get a shoutout or collaborate.

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