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Track your achievements to motivate yourself

It’s so easy to fool yourself into thinking that it’s okay to always complete the tasks you feel like you want to do. By focusing only on getting small and easy tasks done, you get a false sense of achievement, which pushes you farther away from your goal. When you monitor your to-do lists daily, you can track them and monitor weekly achievements easily. Look at what you’ve achieved and what you didn’t achieve. Write reflections and plan your task list strategically so you can actually achieve what you said about the long-term goal.

Here's a task list example:

Critical Tasks
What are the 1-3 most important or most difficult tasks you need to complete today?

Secondary Tasks
What are some additional tasks you can complete only after you have completed your critical tasks?

Distraction Zone
Document any distracting tasks or ideas to review later today.

Habit Tracker
What are the daily practices you want to commit to?