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Baebu helps with goal-setting, accountability, self-realization, personal growth, and strategy by pairing creative intrapreneurs with your coach. Baebu also offers member-focused sessions and help to take your life path to the next level.
Baebu coach has experience in Brand Strategy, Product Management, and Marketing. Our coach is inspiring, highly organized, and who have “been there and done that”. We do our best to match your value with activities with relevant experience to your project.

To see case study and resume, go to our 'About' page.
We are looking for like-minded mentors! The best benefits you will get through this opportunity would be keeping yourself accountable as a leader and be part of Baebu's culture. Check out ourmentorship handbook.
We usually meet in Wework at midtown, NYC. Due to the COVID-19, we are having online sessions using Zoom.


To have a concentrated session and to keep things as productive, we'll give you a quick prep form to submit before session starts.
Of course! We offer a free consultation session and office hours to help you out. Also, here’s our suggestion if that gives you the boost before joining the session:

01 Simpifying lifestyle• In-home tidying
• Office staging
• Designing a personal sanctuary

02 Ideal routine• Goal setting
• Sketching and planning
• Time management

03 Design your career• Personal brand profile
• Sketching and planning
• Execution and testing
Coaches don’t typically do asynchronous reviewing, commenting, and editing on documents— that usually takes quite a bit of time and energy!

If you need more than a quick glance or high level feedback, we can help you to contract experts directly on a project-basis, as a Product Manager/Brand Director. We would need access to someone on your team (ex. data analyst) to help with research and gathering an enormous amount of data and coach will provide the right direction and strategy.


You’ll get a free consultation scheduling link in 3-5 business days after you submit sign up. So look into your inbox to not miss!
Some people use them for a quick check-in once a week to help get organized for the week, others use them for a longer strategy session or to dive deeper into something you’re working through. You can bring questions, ask for advice, feedback, etc.
Most of our members use Slack and Zoom.