Set aside time for mindful reflection in a safe, non-judgemental supportive group. You will practice to build consciousness muscles by releasing your feelings and thoughts on career difficulties.  

In this session, you will:
• Share any thoughts, confusion, client interruptions, worries, and your goal or wish that you want to get from the session.
• Learn roadblocks to reflective listening, how to embrace vulnerability, be emphatic
Why should you join?
• To give and get inspiration
• To catharsis your negative and positive feelings
• To develop your social skills (communication, respect, listen, etc)
• To give and get resources, and honest feedback

outcome• Personal & career actionable resources
• Organize and clarify your thoughts
• Diverse perspective

" I know Baebu could be of great value to me. I was able to meet other entrepreneurs and creatives. It was a great way to hear feedback from multiple perspectives, as well as, meet other people who may add value to my company."  Dynasty George | Founder

how we work

Our overarching idea is to awake people to live a wholesome hustling. With this mind, we help people to cultivate their potential. When the leaders in an organisation form a reliable atmosphere approach, the rest of the members follows. We have been trainned and practiced to be authentic, understand our members emphatetically and show positive respect. We love listening with attention, motivate and inspire them to engage, take an emotionally intelligent approach to help them to experience the both positive and negative progress, and understand the core problem to find the next actionable plan.

2 SESSIONS | $70
4 SESSIONS | $135
8 SESSIONS | $243


• One-on-one 45 Min Consultation or Group 2 Hour Consultation


Based on your schedule


Via online/ In-person
try a free consultation


People who want to test their idea or prototype
People who are defining their career path
Solopreneurs who want support from like-minded people.
Side-hustlers who need motivation to work done
Small business owners who need a different perspective

Usually you will be paired with the organizer 1:1. Depending on the type of session, you might be paired with recommended members.

All of the sessions are held online via Google Hangouts. Although we occasionally meet in person in Manhattan, NY.

We use Slack and Google Hangout. Slack is an app that's made for professional team communications. You can ask and give any entrepreneurship resources, do online meetings, and activities in different channels.

Due to the limited spots, not everyone gets a membership. However, you will get our response in 3-5 business days after submitting your application.

1. Submit an application
2. Complementary session
3. Member acceptance letter
4. Payment progress
5. Enjoy service


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