An environment where you are encouraged to live a more creative and rewarding life.



Where everyone is then encouraged to share personal reflections in small groups once a week.

weekly meeting agenda

Baebu Roundtable

30 min

A session where you share your life story with us. We provide beyond simple fellowship. You'll be answering questions to live a wholesome life–professionally and personally.

Productivity Check-in

30 min

A session where you define your goals and develop a regular progress report. Progress, not perfection, is the goal.

give n' get feedback

30 min

A session where you bring your business idea, pitch, prototype, website, or anything and you receive advice and resources to help you get your idea off the ground.

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join our online group


Join our private online group chat and find activities of your interests. Get resources you need, ask for feedback, etc.

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" The organizer is a very good listener. In our 1:1 workshop, we came up with actionable bite-size takes that makes it less overwhelming for me."‍

Helen Su | Founder at Escape Hub

" I had a very productive and informative session. I want to thank Baebu for providing me with guidance, invaluable insights and encouragement! "

Jacques Torino | Founder at Ntuma Direct

"Baebu gave me quality feedbacks and specific examples that would help me improve my weaknesses! I honestly think telling me what not to do during the interview part saved me. Also, it encouraged me to focus on strength rather than weaknesses."  

Kwiyong Yeo | GIS Technican at Apple

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