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eunji byun

| Founder of Baebu

Potential Coach, Brand Strategist, Designer

Hi there! What stage are you are in your life? Are you feeling fulfilled? I don't know about you, but I believe that people can develop their uniqueness and potential in whatever the circumstance they are in. Sometimes we feel fear, gloomy, anxious, or anger when we face difficult life choices. It's normal to feel these negative feelings, but it gets worse if you don't drop down and don’t work on it. At Baebu, we run activities that you can choose to drive your life better. We share information and advice to define your vision, help you to achieve goals by giving accountability, and put you into an environment where you can express yourself fully. Our culture is built for you to feel liberty, love, and growth. Sounds like a wonderful plan? Let’s start the journal together!

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